Farayand Yekta Pajouh Co. was established in 2004 by a group of experienced managers and experts who had deep roots in the area of consultation and production in the field of detergents. Since then, this company has been trying to promote the quality of its products so that they can replace their foreign-produced counterparts. Currently, the company benefits from having a host of experienced experts and is ready to provide technical support and consultation to the customers.

This company manufactures a wide range of high-quality industrial detergents such as liquid and powder metal cleaner, phosphates (iron, zinc, manganese), drawing phosphate, drawing powder (drawing soap), chrome and non-chrome sealers, rust removers, acidic and basic paint removers, waterwash, carwash liquid, and so on.

The well-qualified experts of this company have also been working with the washing lines of automobile-, automobile spare parts-, and household appliances-producing industries within the past years. Read more